How to get into Medical School?

So you want to be a physician. You want to know how to get into medical school and you want to know what the best advice out there is?

But who do you trust?

Which advisor/mentor/company should you trust to help you make the right decisions?

Everyone is going to tell you they are the best. They are going to give you some pitch explaining how they help premed students or how everyone knows their brand or their company.

Well, here at School Acceptance, we are NOT going to give you a pitch.

We are NOT going to tell you why we are the best (although we believe we are).

We are NOT going to tell you why everyone else’s advice falls short.

Here at School Acceptance we have one focus. To help you get into medical school. Period.

We know we do not have the biggest following. We know we do not have the fanciest photos/graphics. We know we do not have the most social media followers – but we do know we have the most experienced advisors out there. We do not focus on social media followers – we focus on YOU. We specialize in the US Medical School application process for both MD, DO schools and Caribbean Medical School Admissions.

We do not want you to take our word for it though.

We want you to be skeptical. As a future physician, you should question everything! We want you to doubt us and we want you to be skeptical of other companies out there!


So below are the top 5 things we think you should look at when evaluating which company/program you should trust! Research each company and then decide!

  1. Core Beliefs: Every company has a mission statement or a set of core beliefs they live by. We believe that these principles are difference between a company you can trust and one who you should be weary of. We believe that every individual has a unique story and that every applicant should not be fed through a cookie-cutter program! All of our services are fully customized based on our client’s background and experience. We do not offer generic advice – we focus on the details: in medicine the details make all the difference.
  2. Reputation: Does the company have a reputation for getting students into medical school and being there for their clients? The national acceptance rate for students getting accepted into medical school is just below 40%. Here at School Acceptance we strive for a 100% acceptance rate! If our clients do not get in, we provide them a full refund. We understand this is a hard process, so we are there for our clients every day of the week. We typically respond within minutes-hours! Our mentorship clients even text their advisor throughout the process!
  3. Founder: Whereas most companies can be run by a business man or “nerd”, a company focused on getting people into medical school better have someone who has navigated the application process more than once! A lot of advisors have the experience of applying to medical school once, getting accepted, then telling people they can help you do it too! Well the reality is, not everyone gets that lucky, and not everyone has the GPA/MCAT/Background to get in that easily! Our founder personally navigated the application process 3 times getting accepted to both MD and DO schools! He has attended 6 universities, has received 5 degrees (finishing up his last two degrees currently, for a total of 7) and has worked and been a student at 4 medical schools! Experience is everything.
  4. Personalization: Whereas some companies want to offer you a step-by-step program, we know that every student is different! While there is a lot of advice that we could put in a book or on a blog; when it comes down to the actual preparation and application process, each student has their own unique background and set of experiences! We provide custom support, custom timelines, and we mentor our clients based on their legal state of residence, gender and race knowing the statistics behind medical school applications can help you pick the top schools to apply too!
  5. Statistics: I know that sounds weird but stay with me…While most programs do not give advice on which schools to apply too, we feel that statistics is the underutilized treasure map of medical school admissions! With Big-Data being a new thing in admissions, we believe that everyone should understand where they have the best chance of getting into medical school! Unless you have a background in computational analysis, it is hard to understand exactly how to make sense of all the data out there! Luckily, for our mentorship services, we utilize a computational algorithm to help our students apply to the best school possible based on their background, a benefit unique only to School Acceptance!


We want you to decide for yourself who you should trust or who is the best advisor for you!

Go and research the other companies and their programs and ask them the hard questions. We are open to your questions via email or Instagram DM. We spend a lot of time giving out free advice because we believe authentic free advice is better than any cookie-cutter advice you can find on Google!

As always – send us your thoughts/comments and share this with your friends! If you are a premedical student and you would like our founder or one of our advisors to talk to your Undergraduate premed club, let us know!

Questions, comments, thoughts?


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