What do you live for?

While you may not understand what this has to do with Medical School Admissions – it has everything to do with how you will live as a medical student and as a physician.


To get into medical school sometimes you have to put yourself in a doctor’s shoes. You have to think like them and remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.


Medical School is not joke, getting in is just the beginning.


You need to dedicate yourself to achieving the things you are passionate about.


It will not always be easy, but remember that it will be worth it.


And I promise I will be doing the same thing.


As I write this: It is a Saturday Night and I am working most of the night.


Last night – Friday night, I sat at my desk and annotated 85 pages of medical literature.


This is the thought that keeps me motivated when the hard times get to me:

Medical School meme


No one cares now – but your patients while thank you in the future.


Keep it up and stay motivated!



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