WAYS to Apply to Graduate School?

WAYS to Apply to Graduate School?

There is a lot more to know about graduate admissions than just applying and hoping you get in. You should think of applying to college the same way a broadway star would think about auditioning for a play – they have to research the show, properly prepare themselves and learn about the director and what that director likes in their cast.

The default for most graduate applicants is to apply to schools in three ways.

One: Apply to a few schools that they have dreamed about trying their best,

Two: Apply using what I call, The Shotgun Technique. The shotgun technique is one where applicants blindly apply to multiple programs using the same generic resume, generic personal statement, and hoping that their standardized test scores GRE or GMAT are high enough to land them an acceptance into one of the schools.

Three: Applying using what I call the All-In Method. The All-In Method when you go ALL-IN. When you make custom essays and personal statements for each school based on their needs and preferences. Where you have someone help you write your personal statement, and you apply early.

I am one of the few students who have tried all of these techniques for graduate admissions and I have learned that some are not only pointless, they are a waste of your time!

If you truly want to do it right – if you TRULY want to get into school – Apply using the Third method – Go All-In and hold nothing back.

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