How to flip your MINDSET to get into college.

A Self Reflective Piece:

What is your perspective? How to flip your view point to get into college.

People use to ask me, how did you get into so many schools?

My response: Hard work.

Before starting college, I was in High School and taking classes at a Community College, now 10 years later I am at an Ivy League School finishing up my Doctorate before finishing medical school.

It always comes down to the same question for people:

How do I get in?

The reality is, it is nothing more than dedication. When you go to sleep and when you wake up every morning, what are you thinking about? Are you reminding yourself of your goals and reminding yourself how your small accomplishments today are helping you to achieve your long term goals? Or are you thinking about the plethora of menial tasks you have to do today that all seem overwhelming and boring.

It is a mindset.

Let me give you an example:

When I use to sit down to read and write, I hated it! I dreaded writing about myself, I dreaded writing essays for my applications, I dreaded studying for the standardized admissions exams. I would purposely put off those tasks and would schedule an entire day or two every week to focus on them. The problem was that when those days came around I always found excuses to put off finishing everything or I would sit on facebook with little motivation to actually do the work!

What completely changed my productivity was using my own mindset to force myself to work on those things. We all do stuff on a daily basis that annoys us but we do it anyway. After doing it for years, it becomes second nature and we barely see it as an annoyance any more. Take brushing your teeth or washing your face – no one wants to spend the time to brush their teeth, but after doing it for so many years, we take very little notice of the 5-10  minutes we spend on such a menial task twice a day. I learned that if I worked on studying or writing my essays every day for just .5-1.5hr, I could finish each week with a total of 5-10hrs of solid progress made.

Find time every day to work towards your future. Force yourself not to take days off. For a more detailed explanation of this method, see my post “The Seinfeld Solution“.


What is working in your daily life? Let me know how your using this advice and more! Comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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