Why our students get accepted into Ivy League schools.

Everyone asks the question, how can I get into an ivy league school? What is the magic formula to get into these schools. What is the most important thing to get in?

Let me be the first to tell you. There is not one thing that can get you in. There is not even one important thing that they look for. Everyone’s story is different, everyone is unique and schools like Harvard thrive on understanding that they do not want a crowd of students, they want individuals. So If I had to narrow it down to a few things here are the top Three Things Ivy league schools, like Harvard, look for:


  1. Individuality: Ivy league schools want students who are not cookie cutter. They want individuals who know who they are and who are confident with their talents.
  2. Potential: These schools look for students who have not only had a positive trajectory in their younger years, but who hold a great deal of potential for their future. They do not want flounders, they want people who are on the rise to the top in their respective speciality or field of study. For graduate students: If you are stagnant in your career and are looking to apply to these schools to help you refocus and find what your passion is, good luck getting in. They are looking for the people who know what they want and have a proven track record in delivering.
  3. Precision: Reliability, promptness, and tenacity all fall in this category. They do not want students who can barely get their application in. They want people who are so eager to get work done they apply the first week applications are open. Yes there are exceptions, but nothing can hurt your chances more than procrastinating at applying to these top schools


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