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Accepted to Harvard University

Everyone asks the question, how can I get into an ivy league school? What is the magic formula to get into these schools. What is the most important thing to get in?

Let me be the first to tell you. There is no magic formula. Everyone’s story is different, everyone is unique and schools like Harvard thrive on understanding  that they do not want a crowd of students, they want INDIVIDUALS. So If I had to narrow it down to a few things, the top Three Things Ivy league schools, like Harvard, look for, check out my post “The Top Three things Ivy League Schools look for.”

One of our students, Dominic, who followed our advice, who was apart of our mentorship program, learned first hand what it was like to get into the school of his dreams. Dominic was accepted into Harvard University in their arts program.

If you think this goal or any goal is out of reach, your wrong. If you think you can’t do something, then you don’t know.


Read my Interview with Dominic after his first semester at Harvard:


Frank: “Dominic, it has been a while! How has your first semester been at Harvard?

Dominic: “Frank! It has been too long. You have no idea, this first semester has been incredible. At first I thought the hard part of college was getting in, when in reality I was wrong. The easiest part of college is getting in. Once you are in, the hard part is comparing to your peers and staying focused.”

Frank:”I know you got accepted into many different schools, did you make the right decision choosing Harvard.”

Dominic: “You know, I was weary between the west and east coast, but I have to tell you, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The school is hard, no doubt, but it has pushed me in ways I did not know were possible. I remember when we met years ago and I was telling you why I wanted to go to Harvard. While those original ideas have changed, my reasoning for why I am in school have not.”

Frank: “So Dominic, I want you to walk me from your path in high school to college.”

Dominic: “In high school, I was kind of the band geek. I was semi-smart. I struggled in classes but I took all IB courses and just kind of skated by. I had a few friends whom I was close to but I spent most of my time playing music. I grew up playing the french horn and the bass, but I never thought any thing of it.”

Frank: “I want to give my viewers more background on what you mean, why did you say you never thought any thing of it.”

Dominic: “So I guess I was good at the french horn and bass. I practiced and played them for fun, I didn’t know I was that good or anything. I remember when I met you I mentioned Harvard and you asked what I was good at. I remember in the conversation I laughed and said nothing. You had asked what I did for fun and I said I played the french horn and bass. That conversation and your input changed my outlook on how I was portraying myself. I was portraying myself as a regular kid, normal in every way and abnormal at nothing. You pointed out that schools like Harvard look specifically for abnormal talents and individuals. You told me that If I wanted to get in, I was going to have to devote myself 100% to being the best at those instruments and that I was going to have to learn to promote my talents and take it to my future degree ambitions.”

Frank: “So you took my advice on flipping your mentality about how your view yourself and also how you were going to portray yourself as an applicant.”

Dominic: “Exactly. You had told me if I wanted to get in, I was going to have to show I was the best, I was going to have to show that I had the potential to be the best in the world, and I was going to have to show admissions directors that if they passed up my application they were going to be miss the next legendary musician. Without being pompous of course.”

Frank: “If you can remember back when, was there anything else I worked with you on when you were thinking about schools.”

Dominic: “Oh man, without your coaching, help and advice on how to study and take standardized tests, I never would have made it to Harvard. I remember I was an average student, I rarely had to study, but I was smart enough to be in the top 10% of my class. You sat me down and made me rethink every decision I had made to that point. Why was I not applying myself. You really nailed it on the head when you said I was settling for less than what I was capable of. I remember working with you those few weeks on how to study and design my SAT and ACT study plans. I refocused and studied with your methods and I was so surprised when I scored better than all of my friends (whom I thought were smarter than me).”

Frank: “So some of the changes in your application and studying paid off?”

Dominic: “You know better than I. You have been doing this a long time, so your advice has been invaluable. It wasn’t just how I saw myself and my standardized tests. You helped with my essay structures. My pitch in my essay’s. My timing of my applications. My overall application quality and so much more.”

Frank: “Is there anything else you want to say about our experience working together.”

Dominic: “I can’t thank you enough. Working with you changed my future. I remember when you had to re-motivate me because I was doubting myself. You made everything so easy. The process was seamless, all it took was my hard work, my dedication and my willingness not to give up. I still do not know how to thank you.”


Getting in is not rocket science. It just takes knowing the structure of what they are looking for and knowing how to pitch yourself in a way they won’t forget.

Stay tuned! Dominic worked with us on our first course at School Acceptance, Since then, some things have changed, we have revamped and improved our program.

Like the advice? Have input? Leave comments below! Let me know what your thoughts are and how you are using this advice in your application process!


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