Differences Between You and Students in Medical School

Everyone wants to be a doctor.
Everyone wants to get into medical school and save lives.
The reality is not everyone has it.
Not everyone is willing to put in the hard work.
I genuinely believe everyone is smart enough to get in and smart enough to succeed, NOT everyone is willing to put in the hard work.
Now what If I told you getting into medical school is easy.
Your gut reaction will probably be to tell me that “it isn’t easy for everyone”. Well let me tell you it is. It is easy to get in, it is just not easy to PREPARE yourself to get in.
Getting into medical school is no different than pattern recognition. After applying to MD, DO, PhD programs and helping hundreds of students during their application season for both college and medical admissions, I have come to realize getting into medical school isn’t as difficult as I thought it was when I was in your seat.

Medical Students, who get in, just do 3 things differently:

  1. Resilience: Eric Thomas and Emmitt Smith said, “All men are created equal, but some work harder in pre-season”. Whether you are a sports fan or not, pre-season in sports is Pre-Med in Medicine. How hard are you willing to work? How hard are you willing to grind to get the best score you possibly can on the MCAT? How dedicated are you to making your dream a reality?
  2. Timing: The fastest way to fail at getting into medical school is to wait to apply. Too many people fail their first time at applying, because they apply in August. HELLO! Do you realize about 60% of students already applied three months before you and their applications are already being decided upon? You have to apply early! You have to apply in the first 5 days after the applications open.
  3. Preparation: Do you realize a large number of students, every year, have no healthcare related experiences? They have never stepped foot in a hospital or shadowed a doctor. Medical School Applications have several sections, you can not expect to leave sections blank. If you have no experience in research, or healthcare, you need to take the time and properly prepare the application to look like the glowing applicant that you are. It isn’t easy, but preparation is key. You have to make sure you have a complete application.
I hope you take this advice to heart.
It is not easy to prepare to get into medical school, but it is easy to get in. Trust me and everyone that is either a doctor or a medical student, getting in is the easy part, being a doctor is the hard part.
Hope to hear from you!

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