Are you Tired?

Are you tired of thinking what if?

What if I don’t get into college?

What if I don’t do well on my SAT?

What if I don’t get into the school of my dreams?

DO you see a pattern?

We can ask what if on everything in life. The reality is, we will continue to look back and say what if for the rest of our lives. It is human nature to second guess what we did. But what if we change how we phrase our questions?

Try this instead …

What if you apply to college early?

What if you turn off the TV and study for your entrance exams?

What if you email the admissions director?

These were the questions I began to ask myself.

By changing the way you phrase your questions you can automatically motivate yourself. Simple words can have a powerful influence.

So what if you ask for help? What if you ask an expert? What if you get free advice? What if you start acting now? What if you stop procrastinating and work as hard as you can to make your dreams a reality?



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